About Us


 Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing financial support to eligible students facing significant financial barriers to actualizing their college dreams. The Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation strives to promote the educational attainment of all diverse students in the San Francisco Bay Area by among other things, conducting public discussions, forums, panels, lectures, and workshop on pursuing a higher education.

The Foundation’s goal is to instill in the scholarship recipients a sense of pride and spirit of giving back to their community in a similar fashion that the Foundation has supported their goal of graduating from a university.



The first 5 scholarships were given out in 2006, the following year 9 scholarships plus 1 Cheyita Book fund of $1,000 was awarded. In the years following the number of scholarship increased to 20 per year with 2 Cheyita Book fund awards given.

From 2007-2013, the Cheyita Book fund Award was given by a local entrepreneur & his wife Claude & Callie McRoskey whom Mr. Catalino approached and asked for their partnership with the BAGSF. The Cheyita Book Fund Award was given to two deserving students whom are academics standouts and who value and are committed to community service.

In the fall of 2014, the foundation will be replacing the Cheyita Book Fund Award with the Tapia Award of Excellence, as the previous award, this special recognition will be give to students that excellence in academics and have a strong passion for the community.


BAGSF not only provides scholarships, but educational and inspirational workshops throughout the year for students and their families. These seminars consist of many important topics, including FAFSA, AB540, student loans, financial management, and testimony from successful community leaders and past scholarship recipients that parallel their educational journey.

Drop-In Center

The BAGSF believes that students must have all the resources needed to strive in today’s competitive educational environment. Therefore, the foundation has a dedicated computer workstation with all up-to-date software at the foundation office, where students can stop-by, do their homework, fill-out college applications, or search for additional scholarships that will help them continue their educational dreams. We believe that empowering students with all the needed resources, there is no hurdle or obstacle they cannot overcome.


Since its inception the Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation has awarded over 132 scholarships to students attending various private and public universities throughout the country.

 Financial Sustainability

 BAGSF has a rich history of soliciting and obtaining public and private funding to sustain programs. In a climate in which drastic budget cuts have caused many community-based organizations to reduce services or close doors, we have remained committed to providing the needed scholarships to students.


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